About Media

Media is ubiquitous – omnipresent as well as touching the most different parts of our daily life.

People dealing with me tend to get the impression I do not like modern media or technology. This is dead wrong. I love technology, I work with it every day. I work with it to earn my money and I work with it to build things in private. I own multiple raspbperrys and umpteen arduinos – and really do I use them. I do 3D, Video Mapping, I use the kinect in my projects. I am a fanboy on modern technology. And I am absolutely aware about how much technology improves our daily life.

I am not blindly pro-technology, though, meaning that I do not believe in the use of technology as an end in itself. I therefore also notice if technology is used in a rampant or uninspired way. Or if it has the potential to make our life worse, be it now or in the future. Maybe I notice those potentials more easily, because I am really into it.

So I decided to re-set up this blog, which is – like technology – refering to very different parts of daily life.

Some articles might concern everyday people using smartphones or ordering online. Some are focused rather on decision makers, consultants and workers involved in  creating something. As it will involve questions about media like how much and in which way. For planning (an decisions) we here need a basic toolset of judging the pros and cons of media, the consequences we face when deciding one or another way and – maybe most important – the basic idea what media is and what it could be if we used it another way. I am faced with media day by day and very often I am bewildered by the fact of how little the process of planning is lived. Most of the time the outcome is clear from the first moment and nearly no one involved in the process sees the big picture.

We want media to make our life better. Quite often it is making it worse. Worse in a shiny, good looking way, but worse nevertheless.